The Tunguska Explosion in Siberia in 2008: Could It Have Been an Alien Spaceship?
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The Tunguska Explosion in Siberia in 2008: Could It Have Been an Alien Spaceship?

In 1908 a mysterious blast took place in Tunguska, Siberia when a body from space exploded before it hit the earths crust. This resulted in a blast of the magnitude of 1000 A bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The incident has fired the imagination of scientists who have given varied theories for the explosion. Many have opined that the blast was caused by a alien spaceship while others have concluded it was a body from space.

The earth is witness to many mysteries, some solved and some still unsolved. One event that has generated great interest is an event on june30/July1, 1908 in Siberia, Russia. This was the period when the Tsar ruled Russia and with the preoccupation of the Tsar with stability to his regime the incident was not properly investigated.

The incident occurred at Tunguska in Siberia when a large body from space entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded before it touched the earths crust. The result was a terrific explosion equivalent to the strength of 1000 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The explosion destroyed 2200 sq km of the area close to  Lake Baikal.

After the incident not many expeditions proceeded to the spot. This is difficult to understand as the first expedition took place only in 1927. This was led by a Leonid Kulik who obtained the sanction on the plea that that there could be meteorite ore which could be used for the Russian plants.  With Russia in the grip of an iconoclast communist regime no expeditions from other countries were permitted. This is a serious scientific lapse and has prevented a complete understanding of the explosion that took place.

Many weird theories have been presented about the Tunguska explosion. One of them concerned a space ship from an alien world crashing on earth. The Tunguska spatial foundation claimed in 2004 that they were convinced that a space ship had crashed at the site. They based their hypothesis on the fact that the certain quartz slabs had been found at the site with strange markings on them. They were of the opinion that these slabs were the last vestiges of the control panel of the airship.

What actually happened? Scientists have now concluded that a terrestrial object entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded about 8 miles from the surface. This resulted in a gigantic explosion. It was more like a natural H-bomb. Men who were close to the site were the reindeer herders. They claimed they saw a large ball of fire and a sonic boom that rendered them unconscious. Thousands of reindeers in the vicinity of the explosion were killed. The effect of the termers was felt 200 miles away and a trans-Siberian train was stopped due to the tremendous shocks the explosion generated. Scientists have now concluded that the shocks were of magnitude 5 on the Richter scale.


The theory of the space ship is one of the theories of the Tunguska explosion. In the sixties Soviet scientists had put forward a hypothesis that the object approaching the earth changed direction before it hit the earth. They based their opinion on eye witness accounts that had been recorded earlier. As the object travelled at supersonic speed and did a mid-flight maneuver, the space ship theory gets greater credence.

 Three US scientists Christopher Chya, Paul Thomas and Kevin Zahnie have carried out laboratory simulations and concluded that the blast could have been engineered by a comet about 100 ft in diameter. But the absence of a crater after the blast is a mystery that will have to be explained.  The mystery of the Tunguska explosion is not completely solved and perhaps will be fully understood if and when a similar event takes place again. The remoteness of the area where the blast took place has added its own mystery to whether the blast was from a space ship or a space body like a comet.

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