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Almost everything around you can be measured. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the distance between two planets or even the width of a bacteria can be measured. Physics as a science involves measurement. By measurement, we mean comparison with a standard. One of the objective of this experiment is to measure the length of some objects accurately. And to know the relationship of the metric system to English system of units.
Published by Jessie Agudo 68 months ago in Physics | +5 votes | 1 comments
Mathematica has a beautiful implementation of graph plotting which is used worldwide by scientists, students, engineers in various fields of their work. Multiple graph plotting, piecewise graph plotting, manipulation of a plot, parametric graph plotting, graph plotting by importing data from a file etc. can be done very easily in Mathematica.
Published by roytanay 68 months ago in Physics | +2 votes | 0 comments
The existence of Majorana Particles was predicted in 1932. They remain elusive even 70 years after scientists started looking for them. It seems that finally they were discovered in February 2012. If confirmed, these particles might play a substantial part in the development of Quantum computers. This article explains the subject to the layman.
Published by Dr. Johnson C Philip 68 months ago in Physics | +6 votes | 7 comments
Radiation is a common word that we are all familiar with. What we think radiation is can be different in the science world. Radiation is a mechanism of transfer of energy of different types. We have heat radiation, photon radiation, etc. The object projected by the radiation would absorb the energy and thus explains certain phenomena in our surroundings. There are different concepts under radiation. This science is so vast that it has grown into a field.
Published by Kris Dominic Rubillos 69 months ago in Physics | +0 votes | 0 comments
Vega completes the three-rocket complement of ESA launch vehicles. Primarily designed for cost effective access to space, Vega is designed to launch those satellites ranging from 300 to 2000 kg. Its primary purpose is to reduce the cost of space missions by creating a light-weight medium payload rocket, as well as, keeping the high-tech space program within the European economy.
Published by Jerrod Nazarian 70 months ago in Physics | +3 votes | 3 comments
Have you ever wondered why you are safest in a car when out in a thunderstorm? You may have thought that it is the rubber tires that protect you, and that might be partly true. Tires are a fairly good insulator. However, the reason that you are safe in a car is due to the law of FaradayÂ’s Cage.
Published by Charlene Collins 70 months ago in Physics | +8 votes | 6 comments
Learn more about using green light therapy for sleep disorders, melatonin production and mood enhancement.
Published by Debbie Edwards 71 months ago in Physics | +8 votes | 8 comments
What are the supporting arguments for the big crunch theory, and has it ever been proven wrong?
Published by Rowan Casey 71 months ago in Physics | +8 votes | 2 comments
Learn how electromagnetic energy affects the Pineal Gland in the human body and how the Calcite Micro-crystals respond and reproduce electromagnetic energy.
Published by Debbie Edwards 71 months ago in Physics | +4 votes | 8 comments
Steep gradients can be overcome by the use of rack equipment; however it is not practical to equip all locomotives with such equipment. The list below is of some of the steepest gradients on adhesion railways.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 71 months ago in Physics | +5 votes | 4 comments
Einstein's energy mass equation is the most important development after Newton's Force equation. It brought in the concept of light as a fundamental constant.
Published by Madangopal Singh 73 months ago in Physics | +0 votes | 0 comments
Machines make the difficult things done easier. These things are used in different fields of activity to be able to make thing easily done. There are many different machines and all of these have their different functions.
Published by hunterfact 74 months ago in Physics | +1 votes | 1 comments
Bhabha-Heitler theory of cosmic showers is important as it gives us an understanding of the nature of Cosmic rays
Published by Madangopal Singh 74 months ago in Physics | +1 votes | 0 comments
A brief introduction to Semiconductors that have transformed the entire world of solid state electronics.
Published by Dr. Johnson C Philip 74 months ago in Physics | +9 votes | 13 comments
The recent discovery of faster-than-light particles has puzzled many. Has it disproved the theory of relativity, or is it another one of those flukes in science?
Published by Dr. Johnson C Philip 74 months ago in Physics | +16 votes | 27 comments
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